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Need to be In addition, they can be us in customer experience surveys and market research to gather information about target markets and consumer behavior. Sample Descriptive Research Question How often do you use our fitness app? How much are you willing to pay for this product? Descriptive Research Questions Comparative Research Questions A comparative research question is a quantitative research question us to gather information about the differences between different variables between two or more research topics.

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Additionally, it helps you identify your product’s strengths and weaknesses to gain a better competitive advantage. The steps involv in constructing a comparative research question are: Choose your starting phrase Identify and name the Malaysia Phone Number List dependent variable Identify your group of interest Identify appropriate adjacent text Write the comparative research question Sample comparative research questions Landlines and smartphones have What’s the difference? What is the difference between working from home and operating on site? Comparative Research Questions Relationship-Bas Research Questions As the name suggests, relationship-bas research questions are questions that explore the nature of the association between two research subjects within the same demographic.

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These types of research questions can Malaysia Whatsapp Number help. You gather information about the nature of the association between. Two research variables. Relationship-bas research questions are also call correlational research questions because they attempt to clearly identify the association between two variables. Read: Correlational Research Design. What is the relationship between work environment and employee turnover? Relationship-Bas Research Questions Examples of Good Research Questions Since a research question is at the heart of any systematic investigation, it is important to know how to formulate a good research question.

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