New sealant for sustainable barrier coatings in packaging

A new sealant and coating pilot plant to combat plastic pollution is born from the technology company. Melodea producer of sustainable ,barriers for packaging . The new sustainable packaging solution to reduce. Plastic waste in consumer package goods, is resistant to water vapour, oil, aroma and has heat sealing properties. They warnNew sealant for sustainable barrier coatings in packaging about how microplastics can reach natural ecosystems To promote this new technology, the company a pilot plant and innovation center that will allow it to serve its customers and demonstrate. The new solution in Rehovot , Israel.

New pilot plant in Israel

In this plant , existing barrier coating products will also   and coils and  bags will on a pilot scale , for reference of the work. One of the features that make VBseal stand out is water  Phone Number List vapor resistance and heat sealing properties in a single coating. The Melodea companyNew sealant for sustainable barrier coatings in packaging  already has other ecological barrier coating products. Which are  for packaging of fresh foods, cereals, fast food, confectionery .products such as cookies and icetwo different passes, making it easier to apply and reducing production costs. It paraformaldehyde or bisphenol  and is compatible  and BfR standards for peace of mind for producers.

The plastic crisis

Vapor resistance and heat sealing properties, in a single coating. Photo:According to a new study, the amount of plastic in the world could almost double between. Nowurgent measures are not taken. The  1000 Mobile Phone Number alarming thing about this data is that the .Majority of these plastics end up in landfills , without the facility of recycling. Without significant policy interventions. The amount of plastics  countries will million tons annually by that date, almost double. The most recent level of warns a Back to Blue report . The reduction of single-use plastics has been  by the . Nations policy that in countries, and is  to be fully in By , single-use plastics are to run out. Photo: Freepik.

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