Choosing a CMS for your company is not an easy task

Especially with all the options that you can find on the market today. However, HubSpot and Salesforce remain the two favorite CMSs for companies, due to their great usability and the benefits they have obtained. HubSpot vs is better for your company You probably already  know them, but which one is the most suitable for your company? I will tell you about each of these systems so that you can have a comparison and choose the one that best suits the Choosing a CMS for your company is not an easy task needs of your business. HubSpot HubSpot’s CRM is a great software to cover all the necessary bases to help your company build and maintain strong relationships with your customers.

Best of all it is highly comprehensive as

It creates a line of work where marketing, sales and customer service work as a team to Choosing a CMS for your company is not an easy task achieve a better customer experience. Key functions for the marketing area Ad management. Creation of forms and landing pages to capture new potential clients. Live chatbot Country Email List to maintain constant communication with website visitors in real time. Automated email creation and tracking. Real- wide variety of email templates for each stage of the customer journey. Key functions for the sales area Customizable offers panel to see the entire sales flow. Track email messages. Meeting scheduling, chatbots and lead tracking. Automated recording and updating of customer offers and sales activities. Integrated activity stream with notifications sent immediately after a prospect opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an important resource/document.

Storage of contact and company records

Recording sales calls. Scheduling and assignment of tasks. Key functions for the customer service area Live chat to provide immediate, real-time support to customers. Conversations and email inbox to keep conversations organized. Ticket generation and management to help organize and respond to customers quickly. Email template library. Detailed reports of closed tickets. Closing time reports to improve Choosing a CMS for your company is not an easy task response times. HubSpot Integrations E-commerce: Shopify y Stripe. Email: Gmail and Outlook. : Eventbrite y.Calls: Zoom and Uber 1000 Phone Numbers Conference. Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, , etc. Among other integrations: WordPress, , Slack. Salesforce Salesforce provides an omnichannel platform for users to develop leads, increase sales, and manage customer relationships seamlessly across channels. It also has a robust analysis module with other comprehensive features in an easy-to-use user interface.

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