3 e-commerce marketing ‘fundamental KPIs’ that should not be missed

As important as speed is direction, setting. 3 e-commerce marketing marketing kpis hello. This is josh, a marketer at review, an e-commerce company. That increases purchase conversion rates. More and more brands are emerging, but. Since the product characteristics and target customers are all different. We are experiencing that even if the same. Marketing strategy is implemented, the effect is greatly different. Nevertheless, did you know that there are fundamental kpis that must be considered in e-commerce marketing? These are customer acquisition cost (cac), purchase conversion rate (cr), and customer lifetime value (ltv) . In short, regardless of brand characteristics. Attracting, satisfying, and retaining customers is the most basic formula for growth.

What are marketing kpis?

Because direction is as important as speed in Australia Phone Number Data decision-making, setting and executing the right kpi is a way to achieve good results. In this content. We will introduce three essential kpis in e-commerce. Marketing and improvement strategies for each. Marketing key performance indicator (kpi) is an abbreviation for ‘key performance indicator’. This is an indicator used to measure the actual performance of marketing actions and make continuous decisions. 3 kpis you must keep in mind in e-commerce marketing. 3 kpis you must keep in mind in e-commerce marketing marketing kpi 1. Reduce customer acquisition cost (cac) customer acquisition cost (cac) refers to the advertising. Cost divided by the number of users a brand creates in a specific period.

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 Increase natural inflow of brand

In other words, if you spend less money Australia Phone Number List to bring in more customers. Your average cac will decrease. Customer acquisition is probably where most brands still invest the most marketing budget and time . As competition in the market becomes more intense. The costs required to bring. Customers to our website or platform are also increasing. Even if a brand is generating good sales, spending too much money on customer acquisition will ultimately have a negative impact on operating profits. Therefore, reducing the cac burden in the long term is an important task, and even. If you initially attract customers through advertising. You must create a device that leads to natural inflow and recommendation later . If you increase the proportion of natural searches and. Recommendations. Rather than advertisements among total traffic, the average cac will naturally drop.

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