Kundal a brand that overcomes the red ocean with 50 scents

At a time when many e-commerce companies are going through difficult times due to the ongoing recession. There is a brand that is showing rapid growth. This is kundal, a household goods brand . Kundal has shown an 18-fold sales growth over the past five years in the daily necessities category. A ‘red ocean’ where many large companies are already occupying positions. And recently began working with v-review. Highly appreciating the potential of video reviews. ‍ we were able to learn a lot once again by checking the secret of the incredible growth rate and the perspective on review marketing.

Kundal is actively growing in the global market  Source

In addition to the product expansion strategy based on 50 scents. What I felt was especially great was the ‘strictness towards oneself’ that the brand kundal has . Daily necessities brand kundal ‘kundal’ started as a shampoo and grew into a household France Phone Number Data goods brand / source: kundal website brand ‘kundal’ seen through data before looking at kundal’s specific strategies. Let’s first take a look at the tremendous achievements kundal is currently recording. In 2022, the sales of ‘duskin factory’. The manufacturer of kundal, not only increased by 20% to krw 96.5 billion compared to krw 80.6 billion in 21, but also recorded an operating profit of krw 11.6 billion, an increase of 11.9% .

 What brand is Kundal

The fact that operating profit has grown even in a recession shows that the brand has great potential. Since its establishment in october 2016. It has experienced a whopping 18-fold increase in sales after five years of steady growth, from krw 5.5 billion in 2017 to krw 96.5 billion in 2022 . As an exception, sales of hand sanitizers increased in Australia Phone Number List 2020 due to covid-19. Resulting in sales of krw 120 billion. However, based on the performance of pure brand products themselves. It is expected that sales of krw 100 billion will be achieved for the first time in 2023 . ‍ in addition, kundal succeeded in entering the overseas market based on its tremendous growth in korea and its accumulated product capabilities. Currently, it has established itself as a household name representing korea in offline stores such as dairy farm in 7 countries.

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