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This can attract new subscribers and increase the reach of your channel. Successful promotion on Telegram may require time, patience and constant testing of different strategies. And we, following the trend and relying on successful experience, will be constantly looking for new solutions, testing free and paid advertising methods and will share with you a comparison of the results. Food delivery service Chocofoodincreas sales by and receiv a readymade advertising tool using Amplitude product analytics OCTOBER.

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ANALYTICS , ARTICLES AND CASES Chile WhatsApp Number List Increasing purchase conversion and improving user experience are some of the main tasks that can be solv using product analytics. Chocofood, the largest food delivery service in Kazakhstan, fac similar challenges. In , the company turn to Adventum to customize its Amplitude analytics system to find funnel bottlenecks, increase sales, and improve the user experience. In this article we will talk about two cases of collaboration between Chocofood and Amplitude, share the results and unexpect insightshow to optimize search results; how to set up and launch crosssales. Client Chocofood is the largest food delivery service in Kazakhstan.

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In the service you can find establishments, read Qatar Phone Number the menu and reviews.  Place an order for delivery and the location of the courier. How Chocofood optimiz search results Optimizing search to ruce costs, controlling search results. And conducting deep analytics are the key tasks that the Chocofood. And Adventum teams work on with the help of Amplitude. This ne arose when the Chocofood product team began to analyze the performance. Of the Algolia service, which it had previously us. Algolia is a search system that allows you to integrate search results on a website or mobile application, and also provides the ability to configure and analyze user metrics.

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