The power of an image: how to guarantee winning media

Fashion moves fast, and media coverage of a powerful image can revolutionize a brand’s online presence. However, no matter how elegant your latest collection. Poor quality images and a weak distribution strategy will have a less than desirable impact on your profits. So how do you measure the success of an image? In this article we will explain how smarter processes can significantly amplify the media impact of your collection and strengthen ties with the industry.

A picture is worth a thousand words

In this extremely competitive landscape, getting noticed with strategic media coverage and building solid relationships are key factors. An inaccessible image or an inefficient distribution channel will only take away from the goal that brands and publishers Estonia Phone Number List share, which is to give your product a broader reach. The stakes are very high. As each amplified image can generate over $1,000 in Media Impact Value™ (MIV® ). Not only that, but well-managed high-quality images can also improve engagement, brand credibility and even conversion rates.

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The power of From file sharing to showroom

We have therefore clarified the importance of creative assets after Fashion Week (and the data that confirms the need), but how do you currently Australia Phone Number List share these assets? Distribution is a pain point for many brands, as the process is often complicated and difficult to measure. File sizes, access and security are just some of the challenges the industry faces. There are many free alternatives, but we have all fallen victim to seemingly simple options like DropBox and WeTransfer. With these solutions, in a short time your desktop and that of the recipient become cluttered with random folders and renamed files; not to mention the long waits for downloads when the files are of high quality: all this is decidedly unprofessional.

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