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The year long “green” story began in the fall of , when MegaFon approach the agency with the task of setting up and maintaining web analytics. During this time, we experienc many changes and events. From the first tasks sent by email to large-scale, streamlin processes in Jira  where you can easily track a project that was “born” several years ago. From the first counters in Google Analytics to registers of several hundr views for each MegaFon project and the successful transfer of accumulat data to Yandex Metrica and ClickHouse.

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Over the course of years, through joint Belarus WhatsApp Number List efforts, we have successfully solv more than , problems and prepar about technical specifications for developers. Almost every interaction on the site and in the application is analyz. The number of data downloads and visualizations is in the thousands, and the data volumes are in terabytes. Thanks to coordinat work, dozens of MegaFon projects that are unique in nature effectively use operational data from web analytics. “Ten years of work is truly a whole story.

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MegaFon is getting more services and Canada Telegram Number partner projects, and continues to work to improve the customer experience of users and strengthen the infrastructure. Following the development of the company, the amount of data is also growing, and we are glad to be involv in these large-scale processes. I would like to thank MegaFon for such a long cooperation, and, most importantly, for the trust,” Evgenia Grunis , CEO of the Adventum digital agency. In a new case, together with Hals-Development, we tell you what approach allow us to overcome the barrier of potential clients in the real estate market, what advantages it has, and share impressive results.

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