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Large volumes of data and sources. It takes a lot of time to collect them, and some of the data may be incorrect. It takes time to check and identify this. The databases of many companies have been maintain for many years, during which time they have grown to a decent size. Analyzing a large amount of data can inde lead to undesirable consequences, for example, long waiting times for receiving a report, server overload, etc. ” The problem of the cost of an analytical system is one of the key ones in Russia.However, it is necessary to understand that the presence of a large amount of data cannot be an obstacle to their analysis.

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A dataCraft and Adventum specialists Sri-Lanka Phone Number List will help with this : We will help you competently build an analytical system that will ruce the problem of large volumes of data to a minimum; We will provide a modern and fast solution that will take into account the specifics of your business and analyze all data in one place. A huge number of foreign analytical services have left Russia. Recently, many advertising and analytical products have stopp working in Russia or have chang the terms of cooperation. The prospects for the performance of foreign products that continue to operate in Russia are unknown. dataCraft is a domestically develop product, a resident of Skolkovo.

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In addition, the service is support by the RFRIT program, so we can say with confidence that this decision will not be affect by Nigeria Telegram Number sanctions. . Often a communication problem arises due to the data slices provid by analysts, since analysts, marketers and the business sector think in different categories. Sometimes analysts produce reports at the request of the business team, while marketers want to understand how to interpret a decline in revenue.

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