Can partition walls be removed in apartments

Due to the fact that the apartments are small. Do not meet the needs of the apartment owners. And do not meet the expectations. Operations such as renovations inside the apartments. Combining or dividing rooms. whether partition walls can be removed are often required. For this reason, among the most frequently asked. Questions by apartment residents and flat owners.

Regulations of the Condominium Law No. 634

Disputes that may arise in public  Canada Number Data  living spaces such as apartments.  Can partition And sites and the rules to be applied in such settlements are mainly. Regulated within the scope of the Condominium Law No. 634. In this context, the law in question also regulates. The provisions regarding the renovation and use of independent sections such as flats or offices or shops.  As well as the definition and use of common areas such as the roof, garage. In the first paragraph of Article 19 of the Flat Ownership Law.

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Can partition walls be removed in apartments

Considering the regulations of the China Phone Number List  Flat Ownership Law. Flat owners can make repairs, changes or installations in their own independent sections. That is, their own flats, without needing the consent of other flat owners. Provided that they do not damage the main structure. The apartment. In other words, flat owners can remove walls and combine rooms. Within their own independent sections, that is, their flats, without needing the permission and consent of other flat owners, provided .

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