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The “Holy trinity” of technologies powering fc . Hypermotionv – Fc receives a version expanded with volumetric data (hence the “V” in the name) collected from recordings of over professional football matches. Thanks to this data the dynamics of the entire team However the real treat for football fans will be the animations of iconic goals and the unique ways of moving the ball with the legendary players.

Integration of sales and marketing

Frostbite – the battlefield engine still on the field football games are not very graphically demanding but ea wants to make the rendering of pitches crowds in the stands and football players as realistic as possible. s again responsible for the graphic quality of the new ea sports title. On the official website of fc producers boast about new products Special Phone Number Data such as dynamically rendered fabrics on footballers’ uniforms or greater anatomical precision of models using sapiens technology.

These are graphical changes

They probably won’t have a major impact on the gameplay but they will definitely increase 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers the level of immersion. Play styles in fc – football and rpg skills in the discussion published by ea the hosts themselves note that “The numbers do not always reflect what a player can do on the pitch.” that’s why fc has added play styles which in my opinion are the football equivalent of skills in rpgs or hero shooters. They were created based on data from hypermotion v and the opta analytical organization thanks to which each athlete has unique and realitybased statistics.

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