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Stands in This target market is often reflect in the product advertising and overall brand image of these organizations. The target market of coffee coffee manufacturing business is adults; men and women. Coffee contains caffeine and other substances that may have harmful side effects in children, so it is unrealistic for the coffee industry to target children. Sweets and Treats It’s no surprise that candy companies target children and families as their primary markets.

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Children usually have a sweet tooth Ecuador Phone Number List and enjoy sweets such as candies, chocolates and cookies. Social mia and other social mia platforms target young people and middle-ag people as their main target market because these people prioritize online conversations. The target group is individuals under the age of 10, most of whom are still in high school and college, preferably women. Toys The toy manufacturing industry targets children and parents. Children are the end users of the product, so the product must appeal to them. However, parents have the purchasing power to make purchasing decisions, so toy companies must emphasize the value of their products to them.

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Target Market Types Sometimes a Philippine Whatsapp Number product or service can appeal to different groups in the market. In this case, the organization nes to identify the primary and secondary target markets accordingly to maximize revenue and profitability. Primary Target Market Your primary target market is the segment of the market that is most likely to purchase your product or service. It can be seen that this segment determines the marketing strategy, promotion, advertising and revenue distribution of the organization to a great extent.

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