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We are always ready to experiment and help clients find new ways to advance. For this purpose, we have prepar a checklist with which you can step-by-step distribute the mia split – what and in what volume to test effectively.Full-service digital agency Adventum opens the business season with the launch of the Analytic Space ecosystem. It will allow a business to resolve all issues relat to working with data – on one platform we have collect products for end-to-end, marketing, product and web analytics. “Adventum has been working with analytics for more than years and we understand how important working with data is for business development.

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Different tasks require different tools, and today there are a large number of products on the market – both open-source and paid. In this Bolivia WhatsApp Number List situation, it is important not to overpay for unnecessary or duplicative services, but to build the right solution architecture that will help you reach a new level of digital maturity. Analytic Space was creat to help with this,” says Adventum CEO Evgenia Grunis about the idea of ​​the ecosystem . Analytic Space has collect more than proven services and tools, including a product from Adventum – the dataCraft marketing and end-to-end analytics system.

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Working with data, we understand what is missing in the solutions existing on the market, which is why we have been investing in our own IT India Phone Number development for several years. dataCraft is a unifi analysis system for all traffic channels and effective management of the advertising budget. The product was develop by the IT division of Adventum, certifi by Skolkovo and the Russian Foundation for the Development of Internet Technologies. dataCraft allows you to combine data from an unlimit number of sources into a single dashboard – and do it quickly and in real time. Another key product of the ecosystem is the Amplitude product analytics system , one of the most famous in the world.

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