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Students to Many times, the primary market is the group with the greatest revenue and profit potential, and is made up of consumers whose pain points your product or service directly alleviates. These consumers are guarante to make repeat purchases because your product meets a basic ne. Your primary target market also consists of potential customers, which you can easily convert into paying customers with your limit resources. This segment often generates an attractive return on investment and they prove useful for organic branding.

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How to Determine Your Key Target Markets Egypt Phone Number List Identify geographic segments; that is, where they are locat. Analyze demographic variables such as ucation, gender, and income level. This will help you determine which market segment is best for you. Analyze market purchasing patterns. Pay attention to the market categories that have the greatest demand for your product or service. Primary Target Market Secondary Target Market The secondary target market is the second most important category of consumers who ne your product or service.

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Primary and secondary target markets Mexico Whatsapp Number can be interdependent, for example where the product appeals to both parents and children. In some cases, secondary targets may influence the purchasing decisions of the primary target market. For example, children can ask their parents to choose a certain candy bas on their personal preferences, or vice versa. Since primary and secondary target markets are not necessarily mutually exclusive, you can easily create inclusive marketing campaigns for both target markets. For example, a toy manufacturing company can create ads that match the nes and preferences of parents and their children.

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