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Next, we determin the criteria by which we can understand the widespread nature of such a problem and why it arises. A small share of the audience fac the problem, but we lost on average up to % of conversions per month. Thanks to Amplitude, we came to the conclusion that this bug nes to be prioritiz and fix, as it negatively affects the user experience, which is very important to us.” Dmitry Belykh, analyst “Take Charge!” What else Amplitude helps with: . Understand what is happening in the product as a whole and in individual user segments.

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How many problems can be localiz in Argentina WhatsApp Number List specific regions, countries, OS versions. Thanks to Amplitude, all this information can be view in a single source. . Build a product culture that is bas on numbers, not intuition. Amplitude has a fairly low entry barrier and an intuitive interface, so the system can be us not only by analysts, but also by relat teams to solve their problems. . Implement a data-driven approach in the development of the administrative panel for managing the content of the website and application. To do this, “Take Charge!” us Amplitude’s HTTP API for event logging. And now the team has already implement analytics for most of the administrative panel.

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Test new cases for QA. When testing Cambodia Phone Number a task, the QA team uses. Amplitude to check how correctly new events are implement. Within a separate project for test environments. “Several times a month. Colleagues from other departments come to the. Analytics department and ask to download a variety of reports. Thanks to Amplitude, we can handle this much faster: we define business requirements, carry out configuration, provide a link to the dashboard, and teams can upload everything they ne on their own. Dmitry Belykh, analyst “Take Charge.

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