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Teachers can All data is collect with consumer notice, choice, and the power to opt-out. ShareThis data solutions leverage AI to analyze context, keywords and concepts to deliver a constantly-refresh stream of social share, interest, and intent data. Dana Hayes, Jr., CEO of ShareThis, said “ShareThis has been investing in a cookieless identity solution from the moment Google first announc its plan to sunset third party cookies. We have made significant progress since the launch of our proprietary Atlas ID solution in 2022, and together with ID5 and Eyeota.

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We are thrill to bring a truly Bulgaria Phone Number List cookieless targeting solution to market.” ID5 is the ideal identity provider to power a cookieless audience solution that expands on ShareThis’ privacy-centric approach to targeting, thanks to its consent-bas and encryption technology. At the same time, ID5’s identity solution helps advertisers that activate ShareThis segments increase engagement with the right customers. With turnkey programmatic activation available through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace, ShareThis cookieless.

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Audiences are a key offering within Eyeota’s robust Kenya Telegram Number set. Of quality-certifi audience targeting data built on demographics, intent, interest, purchase, industry verticals and seasonal events. “More and more advertisers are eager to drive results across their campaigns with cookieless audience segments. As the data landscape evolves, collaborating with ID5 and Share. This aligns with our commitment to ensuring brands and agencies.  Have continu access to privacy-centric audience targeting solutions at a global scale” said Kristina Prokop, CEO.

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