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Teams so that  With this form of interaction, an employee, if he sees that a regulation, process or application of new technologies does not correspond to the demands of reality, he can independently analyze the situation and submit a request for changes to the manager, and sometimes even make a decision on his own. When situational changes in regulations or processes can be initiat from below, then the issue of implementation disappears by itself, and the company ultimately keeps up with the increas spe of the outside world.

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Complex teams that have intelligence, talent, and Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List originality. We have quite complex problems, and complex problems are solv by talent people. They are not easy to manage. But it is with such people that you can enter into copartnership and not lose business spe. Is artificial intelligence applicable in your business? Recently, before participating in a conference, I creat a presentation with the topic Neural networks business’s new best friend. Both the formulation of the topic and some of the slides were made using neural networks. Judging by the reaction, listeners lik the simple logical structure and good layout.

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Haven’t entrust the entire presentation to Turkey Phone Number the neural network yet, but it was a cool experiment. This is an example of optimizing personal tasks, but integrating smart assistants into business processes is much more interesting. A digital agency already has room to expand. Neural networks help write texts, create creatives, and write code. I will emphasizethey are helping, not replacing employees. We have many problems, and we ne to solve them quickly and inexpensively.

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