The fastest and most effective YouTube SEO guide to the top in 2024

According to statistics from the website explodingtopics, at the beginning of 2024, Youtube is still the second largest website in the world with 117 billion visits/month. Although Youtube does not announce the number of searches on its website, it will certainly be a very large number. Many people have predicted that Youtube’s number of searches will be about 10% of traffic. The characteristics of Youtube SEO are that it is easier to do than SEO for Google, and the time to get results is also sooner. In this article, CAIA will guide readers on how to do YouTube SEO to get to the top quickly and most effectively this year.

What is YouTube SEO?

As you know, SEO is search engine optimization. So Youtube SEO is the job of optimizing videos or Youtube channels for search engines on Youtube. The goal of this job is to optimize the video to meet the needs of viewers and match YouTube’s evaluation Belgium Phone Number List criteria. From here the video will achieve higher rankings, more views and more sales. than. Compared to SEO for Google , SEO for Youtube is somewhat less popular. However, with users increasingly interested in watching videos and lazier in reading, this job is getting hotter and hotter. One advantage of SEO for Youtube is that it is easier to do and has faster results than Google. It can be said that the cost of doing SEO for Youtube is also much cheaper than Google.

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Why should you SEO YouTube?

As you know, YouTube is the 2nd largest website in the world. Youtube’s number of visits is increasing rapidly. In 2022, the number of visits will only reach 33 billion, and by 2024. This number will be 117 billion (tripling). However, estimates show that Brazil Phone Number List only about 9% of small businesses apply this form for their businesses, the level of competition in this form is still very easy. In addition, doing video SEO can both rank on Youtube and rank on Google. This job is also of great value when building an entity set for businesses. Thereby promoting the whole website to rank higher on the market. Google.

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