The Greatest Economic Crisis in History

The Great Depression refers to. A period that started in 1929 and caused economic. Social and political effects worldwide. In this blog post, the causes. Effects and repercussions of the. Great Depression will be examined. What’s in this article. Causes and Beginning of the. Great Depression Economic Factors Political. Factors Inception and Diffusion Process Effects of the. Great Depression on the Economy Unemployment.

Causes and Beginning of the Great Depression

When the economic Australia Phone Number List causes and effects of the. Great Depression are examined. Factors such as the agricultural crisis. Stock speculation and bank bankruptcy come to the fore. The agricultural crisis caused farmers to be unable to sell their products and to lose income. Additionally. Stock speculation can also be cited as a factor in economic collapse. Bank bankruptcies also became. Widespread during this period. And led to the deepening of the economic crisis.

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The Greatest Inception and Diffusion Process

When examining how the Great Belgium Phone Number List Depression began and spread. Wall Street crash and turning into a global. Economic crisis come to the fore. The Wall Street crash began with a massive decline in the stock market. And then the economic crisis spread throughout the world. In this process, banks went bankrupt, factories closed and unemployment rates increased.

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