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The opening of Example of optimization in January Example of optimization in February Resultattract an additional of traffic to the site The goal was to increase awareness and maintain the brand’s image as an expert in its industry. To achieve this goal, it was decid to find additional sources of quality traffic. After analyzing the available promotion channels, it was decid to use content marketing. This strategy is suitable for b b projects with a complex product or a narrow target audience.

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To expand coverage and attract more Indonesia WhatsApp Number List potential clients, it was decid to test tools that usually bring high results in the b c segmentPulse and Yandex PromoPages (formerly known as Yandex.Zen). The results were not long in coming. The Adventum and client teams together attract an additional of traffic to the site. Over months of work, they were able to attract , users through Pulse and Yandex PromoPages. At the same time , of the total advertising budget was spent on promoting articles on channels run by Adventum.

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We are convinc that platforms that are traditionally Vietnam Phone Number us to promote b c projects can. Be an excellent tool for attracting audiences in the b b segment. We will continue to work with this tool to attract more interest audiences to our products.Adventum has expand its pool of Amplitude clients! JULY , ANALYTICS , ARTICLES AND CASES This spring, companies from the CIS countries and beyond began working with Amplitude! Over the next year, the Adventum agency will solve problems in product analytics for Pharmacy . , Kompanion Bank of Kyrgyzstan, Pasha Pay, and Jusan Business.

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