The Power of Voice in Content: How to Talk to the CEO When You’re Not Them

Sometimes, hearing voices in your head isn’t the worst thing — well, that’s considering you’re a content writer. Voice is at the core of content marketing and blogging. You have to be the voice of your brand, and that voice must be instantly recognizable and relatable to your readers. This can be a challenge when you need to write in a voice that is unfamiliar to you.

A persuasive story requires no experience

While this isn’t strictly marketing, it’s worth looking America Cell Phone Number List at a well-received mainstream example of one that managed to speak with an unfamiliar voice. The best-selling novel “The Fault in Our Stars” tells the story of a teenage girl suffering from cancer, narrated from her first-person perspective. However, the author of this book is John Green, a 37-year-old man. Greene was inspired by a real-life encounter that inspired the story, but without Hazel’s powerful voice, the book wouldn’t have been a success with audiences. Green sees sounds as something more than the words Hazel used, but rather as things they represent, like death and relationships, things we can all relate to and imagine ourselves in. Words are just symbols of things, and as a marketer, articulating and harnessing this energy will drive reader engagement.

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Words are cheap, knowing your audience is priceless

When you start thinking like an 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers HR professional, the writing will follow. Your audience’s need for organization may manifest itself in content, including informative subtitles and tight sentence structures that are easy to read for busy brains and in a format they can get their hands on. HR might send employees a stern email on Friday asking them to wash the dirty dishes along with “Don’t do anything I won’t do this weekend,” content writers might adopt the same business approach tone, but still a kind voice.

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