The Prevention of Digital Violence in Minors

The  Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs of Castilla-La Mancha (FEFCAM) has an initiative to train pharmaceutical professionals in the use of parental control on mobile devices. This program aims to teach families about the prevention of digital gender violence in minors. According to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, 70% of cases of digital violence correspond to women and girls. On this channel, anyone can report online publications of sexual or violent content. Such as photographs, videos or audios. The Women’s Institute, in its report “Young women and harassment on social networks”, reveals that 80% of women have experienced some type of harassment on digital platforms.

This harassment begins when minors begin

Use new technologies. Mariano González, president of FEFCAM, warns about the importance of protecting children from inappropriate content: “In childhood, any information. They receive is likely to be part of the normality of their lives and pornography should not be included in that normality. In addition, González highlights that mobile devices and tablets. Should have Internet access when it comes to minors, including pornography, explicit violence, racism, Buy Phone Number List  and gambling. This digital violence prevention initiative is out in support of the events of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which will be celebrated next Saturday.

As part of these actions10,000 bags

Will be in the pharmacies of Valdepeñas and Moral de. Calatrava with the motto “In the face of gender violence you are not alone.” These bags will also include telephone numbers for assistance to victims of gender violence. The Valdepeñas Women’s Center. The Valdepeñas City Council has also other activities against gender violence. Such as a TikTok contest for young people, a project at women over 65 years 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers of age in rural areas and a film forum. Inmaculada Pacheco, Councilor for Equality, highlights that these actions reinforce the commitment to equality. Promote more inclusive spaces, fighting against any form of harassment or violence.

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