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We count all conversions to subscribers from impressions, since in the Telegram Ads account there are no statistics on clicks and transitions from an ad to a channel or chatbot. One of the author’s successful creatives was the story with oatmeal pancakes. A healthy breakfast recipe from Samokat, the ingrients for which can be obtain in minutes, creat a real sensation among followers of healthy lifestyle and fitness and brought a lot of likes, subscribers and comments.

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Personaliz ads that l to a specific Cambodia WhatsApp Number List article in a channel that met the interests of the target audience had up to . times higher subscriber conversions than ads with a USP. For example, a creative with oatmeal pancakes receiv a subscriber conversion rate of . %. Ads with a brand’s USP in the same topic brought subscribers to the blog with a conversion of . %. This meant that the main goal and connection with the audience was achiev. Bas on the test results, topics were identifi that show very good results in terms of audience growth and subscriber conversion: food and cooking, children and parents, fitness, design, marketing and PR, fashion.

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We continu to work with these topics at the Malaysia Phone Number second stage of the strategy, creat and publish new materials on them, and tri to avoid other topics. Stage . Launching advertising in Telegram Ads with driving traffic to the chatbot (Consideration) At this stage, it was not the views of the brand’s USP that were important, but the ways of interacting with the user. To do this, we creat and configur a chatbot and direct advertising traffic to it. The great advantage of a chatbot is that you can think through the scenario well once, set up a publishing mechanism, implement it, and then it requires virtually no costs, that is, it is actually a free promotion method that is always ready to work.

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