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With its help, companies get a detail picture of user interaction with digital products. Adventum is the exclusive reseller of Amplitude in Russia and the CIS. Our carefully select products will allow businesses to manage all advertising and marketing data, as well as metrics for products, websites, mobile applications and other business indicators. Analytic Space specialists will quickly select a stack of analytical services for any business task.

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Thanks to a single team, you no longer Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List ne to interact with a large number of contractors. Our experts will advise you at all stages – from selecting and implementing services to training employees. In addition, on Analytic Space you can not only select ready-made products, but also order custom versions or individual development taking into account the nes of each business. The team has extensive experience in implementing such projects for customers from different industries with various requests, including the most specific ones – for example, monitoring humidity levels in greenhouses.

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Analytic Space specialists have France Telegram Number already provid custom development of analytical systems for Hi-Fi streaming “Zvuk”, ANO “National Priorities”, “Window Factory”,, “Glavstroy”, etc. Telegram is one of the most popular instant messengers in Russia, where advertising is available. Over the past year, its popularity has grown several times. Thousands of users actively subscribe to the channel, and this number continues to grow today. Many large and small companies, bloggers and expert authors began to consider this resource as another key platform for promoting and attracting a live audience.

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