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You see the full picture online with indicators already calculat for you: CPL, CPO, APRU, ROI and so on. You can also build absolutely any reports: dashboards for tracking the customer’s journey from the first click to the call; report on dynamics, cost of applications and others. Convenient, isn’t it? All this can be done in dataCraft . How dataCraft helps Let’s look at the problems describ above as an example. . Lack of high-quality data or a huge number of different sources, as well as the difficulty of processing large volumes of data. The solution is to automate reporting.

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In dataCraft, metrics for all channels ar e f into one Australia WhatsApp Number List dashboard in real time. By setting up the system once, marketers can evaluate and influence the effectiveness of all advertising channels in one place, and dataCraft itself monitors them online. This not only saves up to hours of working time per week, but also eliminates the possibility of errors when calculating indicators. . Analysts, marketers and the business sector think in different categories; communication problems often arise due to the slices provid. It often happens that an analyst is preparing a report at the request of a business team, and a marketer is interest in how to draw conclusions about why revenue has decreas.

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The result is multiple interaction loops, which China Phone Number negatively impacts the spe and quality of decision-making, as well as departmental productivity. In dataCraft, you can set up your own dashboards and reports for each team member to track the necessary metrics. . Wrong decisions and their consequences. dataCraft monitors the correctness of the data receiv, so the marketer has more time to analyze marketing strategies, search and test hypotheses for business development. This allows you to make fewer costly mistakes.

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