Things you need to know about SEO right now

Development never stands still in the digital world, and SEO is no exception. However, the news stream can be overwhelming and at times also relatively. Technically described in such a way that not everyone finds it easy to decode exactly where it is pointing. That is why we have handpicked 3 trends and development trends for you, so that you can quickly and efficiently get an overview of what you, as an SEO interested party, should be aware of.

Google has gotten Things you need about search intent

In addition to Google’s ever-growing intelligent algorithms, the search engine WhatsApp Number List will now also learn about users’ search intent. Google calls the algorithm BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) and it has to guess what it is that people actually need. When they do a search.This can have an impact on your work. With SEO if the word or words your website is optimized for do not match. The search intent that users most often have when they search on Google.An example could be a bicycle dealer who  only sells new bicycles, but has SEO-optimized his website for the search “used bicycles”, in order to persuade potential customers to instead buy a new bicycle for the same price but with less maintenance.

Page Speed ​​has become more important for  your SEO

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This time, Google calls it Core Web Vitals and it consists of 3 ranking factors. Which all point to the search engines wanting fast and 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers stable web sites. The 3 factors consist of Loading.  Roughly speaking, you can say that it is. Google’s way of putting pressure on speed and emphasizing. Load time as a key ranking factor. You can check your website’s. Load time yourself on Page Speed ​​Insights, where you should aim to be as close to 100 as possible.

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