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This has left many companies fac with choosing a new analytics system. The most popular options are Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrica But which one should you prefer? Userfriendly interface When choosing an analytics system, you should pay attention to the convenience and clarity of the interface. In this regard, Yandex.Metrica is a more attractive option for ordinary users who ne to track basic website indicators. However, if you are a web analytics professional, then Google Analytics will give you greater potential for analyzing user behavior on your website.

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Transitioning to a new analytics system Finland WhatsApp Number List can be a daunting task for a company. Therefore, before making a choice, it is necessary to carefully evaluate all the factors and capabilities of each system. Comparison of Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica You can compare the functionality of the two systems as followsLet’s look at the key points in more detail. Events Yandex.Metrica does not have an event class, while in GA all user interactions are track by events. In Yandex.Metrica, you can use visit parameters to reproduce the functionality of events, but their use is limit. In Yandex.Metrica, to track events you have to use the Logs API and process raw data using Python.

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GA has limits, for example on the Vietnam Telegram Number length of event parameters, which can be limiting factors. Goals In GA it is more convenient to set up goals, since previously configur events can be select as targets. it will not be possible to mark all user actions with goals on a large project, and if necessary, selecting a goal will have to be configur from scratch. Metrica there is a limit on the number of goals ( pcs), while in GA the limit is pcs. In GA , the limit on targets is pieces, and in pieces. Funnels and segmentation When choosing an analytics system, you ne to pay attention to the functionality of segmentation and funnels In Yandex.

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