Track traffic with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics solution that gives you complete and in-depth insights into your websiteapp traffic. By referring to your audience data. you can plan your content accordingly and optimize the look and feel. navigation. and value of your platform to. Track traffic with Google Analytics.  Your users to enhance the user experience. Refer to data insights in Google Analytics for traffic analysis Monitor your traffic and understand the website’s usual traffic patterns.


Expand AdSense reporting details to drill down to specific ad units.

Clickthrough rates. and page views. Divide traffic reports in Google Analytics into meaningful segments or channels. Use the methods liste above to find suspicious traffic sources or clicks. Make sure your ad implementation complies with the AdSense program policies. Still have questions  Decision Maker Email List Ask questions in the AdSense Help Community. Finally. if you see invalid activity. please report it to the AdSense team. Optimize revenue base on statistics in Google Analytics You can integrate data with your AdSense earnings using the Google Analytics link service. 



This helps you develop a comprehensive.

Analysis of your revenue at the page level. Link your AdSense account to Google Analytics. In Google Analytics. under the Behavior reports. visit the Publishers reporting tab. In the Publishers reporting tab. select secondary dimension filters such as user demographics. country. traffic 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers  source. browser language. screen resolution. etc. View a breakdown of revenue generate by visitors across different user demographics (such as gender. age. country. etc.). View a breakdown of earnings from visitors to the same URL in different time increments. such as hours. 



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