Transition from Waze Ads to Google Ads good news

What does this mean for local advertisers? First of all, the transition from Waze Ads to Google Ads will allow smoother use and more efficient management of advertising campaigns. Advertisers will have access to a range of advanced features, a larger potential audience and richer data to improve their targeting. During the transition period, Waze offers an alternative for advertisers: Performance Max for in-store goals PMax. This Google Ads solution uses artificial intelligence to maximize in-store visits and sales.

It consolidates location-based advertising formats

across various Google platforms, including Search, Display, Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube, into a single product. This allows advertisers to reach WhatsApp Number List their target audience more effectively, using advanced tools to optimize their advertising campaigns. For advertisers who are used to working with Waze Ads, the transition to PMax can be very interesting. This innovative solution offers new possibilities to improve the visibility, engagement and performance of local advertising campaigns.

If you have any questions about PMax or the transition from Waze Ads to Google Ads, contact us, we’ll be happy to answer them!

Innovations that will revolutionize local advertising

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We also learn that the average interaction rate (CTR or click-through-rate) with a Google My Business listing is 0.86% and 1.89% for an optimized listing. An optimized 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers Google sheet would therefore have an interaction rate twice as high as the average! Hence the importance for establishments and brands to optimize their files in order to improve their performance and their referencing.

In conclusion, although the end of Waze Ads may seem disappointing, transitioning to Google Ads or using PMax provides an opportunity for local advertisers to improve their visibility, increase their in-store sales and achieve their goals. sales more efficiently. So, stay tuned to take advantage of these exciting

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