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What is end-to-end analytics This is a set of tools that allows you to track the path of each buyer from the first meeting to the purchase, analyze all advertising and sales channels to understand which of them are the most effective and which ne improvement. End-to-end analytics allows companies to get a complete picture of how their business is performing and how it can improve its performance. The system automatically collects data on all advertising channels and prepares detail visual reports on: transitions to the site; submitt applications on the  cost of attracting a buyer; advertising sources that lead to sales.

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If you launch advertising campaigns Austria WhatsApp Number List on several platforms at once: VKontakte, Facebook and Yandex. Direct, without end-to-end analytics you will not be able to understand.  Which advertising prompt customers to contact the company. And with its help, you can draw the right conclusions about. The performance of advertising, make changes to sales scripts and ruce promotion costs. End-to-end analytics connects data on the effectiveness of online and offline advertising channels, combining: Web analytics , thanks to which you can track KPIs (key performance indicators) – profit, sales volume, customer loyalty and employee performance.

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Yandex Metrica and Google Analytics Africa Phone Number services will help with this. Call tracking is a tool for determining the advertising campaign that the client came with. The technology will analyze calls and transfer data to CRM. CRM is a system that stores information about the buyer. In it you can maintain a client base, manage transactions, take into account current expenses and income of the company. Feback forms and online consultant.

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