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Users in an The reasons have been found, but how to fix them? To ruce the rate of unsuccessful queries and make them more accurate and successful, the Chocofood team add synonym search. For thisadd functionality that allows you to select synonyms for unsuccessful queries; enrich the search for establishments with various spelling options, which were obtain from the Segmentation report. Dynamics of changes in the number of unsuccessful request.

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As a result, over months we manag Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List to ruce the share of unsuccessful requests by. Stage comparison of conversion rates, measuring the effectiveness of changes It was important for the Chocofood product team to consolidate the success of their own search not only in terms of functional changes, but also in design. The main performance metrics were conversions in three stagestransition from the main search to the choice of establishment; from the search in the restaurant menu; from the establishment’s menu to order.

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Old and new search engine results interface Russia Phone Number designs To look at conversions within each stage, Amplitude upload retro data on users before the introduction of a new search and fresh analytics after the changes. The graph show that key performance metrics increas due to search optimization and new designtransition from the main search to the choice of establishment by; from the choice of establishment on the menu by; discount from the establishment’s menu to order. Graph comparing old and new search by conversions Given the scale of the FoodTech market, such dynamics in percentage points already gives a good increase in orders and profits.

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