Video reviews, food category shopping cart conversion rate

In the e-commerce food category. Video reviews containing purchase experiences of actual buyers were found to act as a catalyst to help purchase conversion. Indent corporation (ceo yoon tae-seok), which operates korea’s first artificial intelligence (ai)-based review marketing solution ‘v-review’. Announced that the shopping cart conversion rate through. Video reviews reached 19.6% as a result of analyzing v-review’s ‘food’ category data. This means that one in five people added a product. To their shopping cart after watching a video review Although food is a low. Involvement product due to the nature of the category.

It is one of the items that is purchased after carefully

Checking whether the information on the detail page matches the actual product when purchasing online. Due to this purchasing pattern, buyers’ reviews have become an important. Factor in helping to convert sales by resolving the limitations of e-commerce Belgium Phone Number Data Where it is difficult to directly check the condition of the product before delivery. And by encouraging potential consumers to purchase. It is for the same reason that the food industry has recently been actively. Working to secure customer experience as part of strengthening its own malls. Kaseko yond, coo of indent corporation, said.

Through video reviews when purchasing online

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In the food category, potential customers can obtain factual and reliable information based on purchase experiences. Such as vivid evaluations of taste by actual buyers. Enabling a firmer purchasing decision Australia Phone Number List he also explained “The marketing effect of using useful review video content such as recipes and cooking tips also appears to have an impact on customers’ purchasing decisions.” v-review, operated by indent corporation. Easily secures video reviews from actual buyers through its own patented interactive chatbot and uses the collected reviews as marketing content. V-review can increase the numbers in meaningful areas that drive sales of shopping malls. Such as review collection rate and purchase conversion rate as well as shopping cart conversion rate.



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