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Virtual learning In ucational research, qualitative research. Reports provide an opportunity for people to apply their knowlge and develop skills in planning.  And executing a qualitative research project. Qualitative research reports are usually descriptive. Therefore, in addition to presenting the details of your research process, you must also provide a descriptive narrative of the information. Quantitative Research Report A quantitative research report is a research report written for quantitative research.

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Virtual learning As Quantitative research is a systematic Guatemala Phone Number List investigation that focuses on numerical or statistical values ​​to find answers to research questions. In this type of research report, the researcher provides quantitative data to support the research process and findings. Unlike qualitative research reports, which are primarily descriptive, quantitative research reports are numerically bas; that is, it is numerical in nature. Quantitative Research Report Target Audience Furthermore, depending on the target audience, the research report can be said to be technical or popular.

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If you are speaking to a general audience.  You Hong Kong Whatsapp Number will ne to submit a popular research report, if you are speaking to a professional audience.  You will ne to submit a technical report. Technical Research Report A technical research report is a detail document.  You submit after conducting industry research. This report is highly specializ in that it is intend for a technical audience. That is, individuals with above-average knowlge in the research field.

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