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Here advertising differs from the usual format: there are no banners and videos, targeting settings are limit, and you won’t be able to write and publish the usual posts and articles – the text volume of the advertising message is only characters, which in total is no more than words. In this case we will tell: about an example of a successful strategy for launching advertising in Telegram Ads for Samokat , a food and household goods delivery service; ways to work with traffic in Telegram at all stages of the funnel from outreach to purchases.

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Due to which, in a short period of time, revenue from Brazil WhatsApp Number List chatbot users increas by . times per month. Why Telegram With Scooter, we work at the two upper stages of the marketing funnel: Reach – we tell as many channel readers as possible about the service. Consideration – we attract the user’s attention using personal communication, we try to get the highest quality direct interaction and contacts. Advertising in Telegram allows you to quickly build interaction with the audience at each of these stages of the funnel and even deeper. We analyz how competitors are promoting in Telegram and the target audience of Scooter.

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An we decid, in addition to free and Germany Telegram Number paid Internet tools – programmatic, publications in social network fes, mia, mia platforms, posting articles on blogs, promotion in search in Yandex and Google – to try a new method in Telegram Ads. How we act: step-by-step description At the time of the launch of advertising campaigns using Telegram Ads, traffic could not be divert from the messenger. The advertisement could lead either to a channel, or to a specific post in the channel, or to a chat bot. We tri all three options. A Telegram channel is a tool for increasing audience loyalty and engagement, but it is not at all necessary to have a channel in the messenger to launch Telegram Ads and promote your brand.

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