We may not directly build the product

Marketers often work at a distance from frontline operations. We may not directly build the product, deal with angry customer phone calls, or be out in the field selling. We might even be at an agency, an additional level removed from the shop floor or direct interactions with the target customer. How, then, can you: Know what to write about? Insert meaningful insights into your landing pages or ad creative? Effectively persuade your target audience that you are the clear choice over your competitors? Digging new wells to find new content One of the best writing tips I’ve ever received is to “dig new wells.” That is, to get content no one else is writing, you need to establish different sources. Too often, content writing for the web starts with the search results.

The rise of 10x content and the Skyscraper Technique led

some content writers to rely on rewording and combining top pages into a long, SEO-focused page. But it’s not getting outside sources of information. For me, the best type of content for the web comes from outside the web. Pulling content ideas, inspiration, and even language from real-life sources can help USA Phone Number List your content stand out, resonate with your target audience, and even alleviate any concerns they have. Plus, combining outside-sourced content with an SEO’s skills in finding keywords, structuring content, and generating links can form a powerful piece of content that performs nicely. Here are a few ways to dig new wells to find new content. Salespeople Salespeople earn their living by earning trust, highlighting benefits, and alleviating fears of potential customers or clients. Any successful salesperson has already worked out a script based on common pain points and exactly.

What message can help convince people to buy

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Customer service representatives (CSRs). As frontline workers who come in contact the. Most with existing customers, they know the most common. Questions and objections people have. If a CSR gets. That question should become content on your site. Doing the actual work. Visit the factory Belgium Phone Number List floor, buy coffee. For the production team, or go for a ride along with the. Installation team. By spending time with those who actually make your. Products or carry out your services, you will get a newfound. Inderstanding and appreciation for what they do. Example of sourcing content from employees. I had a client in the agriculture industry who wanted to. Grow by getting their brand in front of more farmers. My main contact was a salesperson working in the field six days a week, traveling from farm to farm.

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