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Pages in that payment is made only for completion of readings, and articles are select automatically bas on user interests. There is no way to search for a specific channel on this site. results The testing period brought good engagement results (conversion to visitors). CR conversion to visitors account for of the total attract traffic. This means that almost a quarter of users who came to the site show interest in the company’s product or service. Step SeptemberNovember At this step, the project continu to work on optimizing articles for new site algorithms bas on the data collect in the first step.

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Due to the decline in the sales India WhatsApp Number List season, Yandex.Zen was renam Yandex PromoPages. The Adventum team decid to gradually warm up the audience  using ucational and storytelling content to broadcast the brand’s expertise. In the fall, the active season for construction and the purchase of equipment for projects decreases, so we are shifting the focus to ucational content to introduce a new audience to the brand through a demonstration of expertise. In the offseason, the CR for ucational materials is higher than for articles about the products themselves.

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Representative of the client company. At India Phone Number this stage, the Adventum team focus on attracting new audiences to. The site and promoting th company’s training programs. The results of the period show that the main difference between Yandex PromoPages and is.  The connection of the new YAN placement (Yandex Advertising System). In this regard, the price for rereads has increas sharply, and to maintain the same share of traffic. A rate of times higher is requir. Step December February At this stage, the Adventum team continu. The strategy of the previous period, focusing on promoting cases and storytelling materials.

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