What is Balanced Scorecard?

The concept called balanced scorecard is referred to as corporate scorecard in Turkish. It can also be used as a balanced scorecard in many places. Therefore, balanced scorecard is a strategic management methodology developed by Harvard University Professor Robert Steven Kaplan and David Norton, founder of Renaissance Solutions, a consulting firm. ClueYou will be interested in our Management Consultancy page , where the details of our Management Consultancy approach, consultancy process and consultancy services are explained .Balanced scorecard is both an integrated management tool that uses various performance measures and a “corporate learning” tool.This approach, proposed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton in the early 1990s, is based on the idea of ​​associating business strategies.

With goals and monitoring whether

The strategies deliver the expected results by monitoring the indicators (KPIs) that represent these relationships.What are the benefits of the C Level Executive List Corporate Scorecard Model?In global competition, as companies begin to shape themselves according to knowledge-based competition, their ability to manage their physical assets has become much more decisive. With the scorecard, companies can develop the skills they need to grow financially and at the same time own intangible assets. Balanced scorecard is a method developed to complement financial measurements, not to replace them. In short, the balanced scorecard indicates that companies should rely on non-financial perspectives to achieve competitive advantage.

In the research conducted to date

It has been strikingly revealed that 75% of the factors that. Make a company more successful actually originate from non-financial indicators. In the 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers past, when looking at the success of a company, we focused on its profitability. That is, we used financial figures as a criterion. Today, the balanced scorecard actually says. That success is a result, that it comes from reasons. Research has shown that organizations that use the balanced scorecard. Therefore, approach tend to outperform organizations. Without a formal approach to strategic performance management. We can list the main benefits of using bsc under 7 headings. Better strategic planning balanced scorecard provides a powerful. Framework for creating and communicating strategy. 

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