What is Design Thinking?

This way of thinking is based on the design framework. Moreover, it is very different from our normal way of thinking. Normally, our way of thinking is to be a little more reasonable and logical. It tells us that in situations where we need to find solutions, we should follow the more familiar and risk-free route. Our normal way of thinking is one we are accustomed to. Therefore, we are already familiar with this way of thinking since primary school. In business or social life, people behave reasonably and do not deviate from their patterns. Forever, design thinking goes beyond normal thinking. Moreover, we must realize the concept of design-oriented thinking in order to evaluate events in a different way and offer more creative solutions.

We can explain the difference between

Normal thinking style and design-oriented thinking style as follows; for example, we are drilling an oil well. In this context, if I dig deeper into the same hole to Buy Bulk SMS Service extract more oil, this is a normal way of thinking. In the design-oriented thinking style, I try to increase my chances of finding oil by drilling wells in more than one area. I focus on developing possibilities and trying different methods. That’s why design thinking; It is a way of seeing alternatives and being open to possibilities. Although the concept of design thinking is popular today, its history actually dates back to the 1970s. So, how did the concept of design thinking emerge? In the 1950s/60s, creativity techniques were developed and new concepts related to design emerged. This led to the idea of ​​developing a special method.

The need for a general problem-solving

Framework has emerged for designers and all other professional groups. Moreover, the 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers concept of design thinking was first used by American engineer and scientist John Arnold in 1959. It is about developing a solution to an undiscovered need or a new solution to an existing need.How a Solution Can Achieve Higher Performance LevelsThis means that a superior level of performance can be achieved with the resulting solution. Lower Production CostsThe entire effort is focused on reducing cost. 

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