What is Digital Transformation in Industry?

First of all, we must understand very well what digital transformation means. In this context, what is digital transformation? You can take a look at our blog. This transformation takes place through digital technologies and products, especially artificial intelligence, autonomous robots, big data, renewable energy technologies, cloud computing, wearable technologies, smart sensor technologies and cyber security. It has a wide range of influence in many sectors such as education, health, industry, agriculture, transportation, finance and retail. With digitalization, you can not only follow the developments. However, by analyzing global developments and your own dynamics, you can become a company that develops effective policies, produces technology and is competitive.

This is called digital industrial transformation

Therefore, most countries create their tactics and road maps for the new industrial revolution in terms of their own competencies. To benefit from the transition to Country Email List Industry 4.0, deploy and monetize AI technologies efficiently, companies must add new digital technologies and capabilities. Digital changes are easier to implement in theory than in practice. Digital transformation aims to prepare the infrastructure of technology and for the company to leave its old order and enter a new order. To keep the digital industrial operation afloat, changes must be made in every field. In particular, an organization must keep its business model clear to create value throughout the customer lifecycle. For example, in traditional business models, customer service begins when the customer encounters a problem.

In digital industrial model

service teams can remotely monitor usage and performance, predict when an issue may occur, and reduce downtime by proactively reaching out to 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers the customer to resolve the problem. Smart factories could evolve into a game-changer for the manufacturing industry.Why is Digital Transformation Important in Industry?In fact, the digital world has been a part of our lives for a long time. In business life, everyone has at least one smartphone and computer and uses the internet. In our opinion, the two actors that initiated this transformation are the internet and the mobile phone . With the Internet, the world can access information quickly and share information easily. In addition, he can access the applications, software or real people he wants anytime, anywhere with his mobile phone. 

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