What is Employee Motivation?

Work that occurs when and where motivation is low cannot show maximum efficiency. Employees must be highly motivated in order to provide quality and adequate performance and add value to the company. Otherwise, low-motivated employees may cause the company to lose turnover; It may even cause businesses to shrink. According to research, people reflect their happiness to an average of 2-3 people around them. While they reflect their unhappiness to 8-9 people. Based on this research. The dissatisfaction and loss of motivation of just one employee brings with it the loss of motivation of 8-9 employees.Employee motivation is of great importance for companies to carry out their work efficiently. Motivation brings with it high quality individual performance.

The higher the individual performance

The employees, the more soundly the teams can be managed, and this plays an important role in the B2B Email List growth of the company.What Motivates Employees?Companies have many valuable methods to increase the motivation of their employees. While these may differ in company structures, they may also vary with employee characters. At the end of the day, all methods serve the purpose of increasing company efficiency by strengthening employee motivation. Here are 7 methods to increase employee motivation ;DiscretionAppreciation is the declaration that a person is admired for his work. Employees want to know and hear that the work they do is good and of high quality. This is a motivational element for them.

Giving appreciation in a social

Environment rather than personally increases employee motivation. Being liked, approved and valued are among the 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers most important factors that foster self-confidence in human nature. Employees’ self-confidence is also nourished by appreciation. There is a big difference between thanking employees in general and thanking them personally. When employees are not appreciated, they may feel that their efforts do not receive enough attention and that they are stuck in the middle. When they are personally appreciated, they see that they are noticed in a positive way and continue to do their jobs with high motivation. Appreciation is a fire that fuels the determination of employees. The more labor the employee puts in, the greater the work done. There are many methods of appreciation. 

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