What is Facebook Ads Library? How to use it for marketing campaigns

When we talk about Ads, as we have said several times, there is a lot to consider, from targeting the right audience to choosing the settings to creating the creativity. Many entrepreneurs and marketers use Facebook Ads Library (now Meta Ads Library) as it is a truly free database of advertising campaigns that you can draw on for guidance and creative inspiration on your ads. In this article we explain what exactly it is, when and why it can be useful for a growing company to use this tool.

What is Facebook Ads Library?

These platforms include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger Sweden Phone Number Data and other services. Ads related to politics, elections, and sensitive issues are also present in the database, regardless of their current status. Facebook Ads Library is a tool that allows you to obtain valuable information from active campaigns within the Meta ecosystem. Very useful for marketing professionals, it can also be useful for those Facebook and Instagram users looking for greater transparency in the political and social sphere.

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How does Facebook Ads Library work?

It was developed by Meta a few years ago to Turkey Phone Number List guarantee greater transparency (in relation to political content and topics of national interest) and security after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that had engulfed Mark Zuckerberg and his associates. The first version of Facebook Ads Library appeared in 2018 and allowed you to analyze only adverts relating to political or social themes, while the latest release offers the possibility of analyzing all active adverts at the time of the search in a single portal.

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