What is Micro-Data? Find out how to use them correctly

It has become necessary to thoroughly understand your potential customers and how to reach them. We have already seen how buyer them correctly personas can help us with this. But to best improve our knowledge of our customer we must know how to analyze Micro-Data . And this is what we talk to you about in depth in this article. Table of Contents hide 1 What is Micro Data? 2 Why is analyzing Micro-Data Important?  The advantages of micro-data 4 Where to find micro data?  How to identify Buyer Personas through micro-data. How to exploit micro-data in a marketing strategy . Analyze micro-data with the support of quiver marketing 8 conclusions . Frequently asked questions micro data meaning What is Micro Data?

Why is analyzing Micro-Data Important?

Micro-Data is important not only on a Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data global level but above all on a vertical level to make us better understand how a trend can propagate online or not. They allow us to better understand a single user but from a marketing point of view we are interested in their aggregate form in order to better understand trends and phenomena inherent to our target audience . We also need them to understand the emotional reasons behind a purchase . If you can understand why your customer buys a product or service it will be much easier to write the advertising .

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The benefits of micro-data

There are several advantages that we can Sweden Phone Number List derive from micro-data. Here is a summary list: micro -data are authentic , because they are involuntarily self-produced by users and not influenced by external variables; market analysis with micro-data is a valuable approach to also understand the competition. These observations are useful for defining the positioning of your company , so that it is unique and differentiated from competitors; allows you to observe changes in people, groups and brands over time ; they are archived over time.

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