What YouTube Ads campaigns are and how they work

According to DataReportal statistics (2022), there are 43.20 million active users in Italy while an Ipsos study shows that the audience on YouTube is much more engaged than on TV or Instagram. Truly fertile ground for your digital marketing efforts. This is why in this article we see how the platform works, why it is important to advertise on. Youtube and what tips you could put  into practice to start creating your campaigns. Table of Contents hide 1 What are YouTube Ads? 2 How does YouTube Ads work? 3 The benefits of running Ads on YouTube 4 Types of ads on YouTube.

How does YouTube Ads What YouTube work?

The operation behind YouTube Ads is quite Turkey Phone Number Data simple and includes paid promotions. That use a slightly different system than that used for example for PPC ads on Google or on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. To advertise on YouTube you need to have a video to sponsor , which has already been previously uploaded to our channel. It can be either a video already positioned organically or a video created exclusively to be promoted with YouTube Ads.

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The benefits of making ads on What YouTube YouTube

Being the most visited video sharing site in the Vietnam Phone Number List world and the second search engine after Google, YouTube boasts a considerable user base. According to the whyVideo study (carried out with a sample of 2000 video. Users chosen from the general population aged between 18 and 64, February 2020) advertising on . YouTube is advantageous for at least 3 reasons: Viewers say they are twice as likely to buy something they saw on YouTube . Over 70% of viewers say YouTube makes them more aware of new brands . People are four times more likely to use YouTube and NOT other platforms to find information about a brand, product or service. The types of ads on .

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