When it was time to write the website content

In some ways, he functioned more as a consultant, helping generate ideas and sharing best practices from others to help each farmer expand their operation. He would be the first to tell you he was not a great choice for writing new content for their website. Here’s what worked for us: I would get him on the phone while driving between farms, and he would rant. For half an hour, he would brain-dump his thoughts on a certain product or service his company was offering. I was simply there to transcribe and ask follow-up questions

When it was time to write the website content

I found that the salesperson’s rants would form 80% of the page. I was merely there to edit and shape it into a logical flow and ensure it was optimized for search and conversions. Dig deeper: How to create local content that builds trust and drives sales 2. Source content from current customers Another well Brazil Phone Number List of great content ideas is from your current customers or clients. They are your best source for entering the buyer’s mind and decision-making process. If possible, make it a habit to regularly interview some of your current customers. Ask them questions about: Their pain points. How they researched options.

What mattered and didn’t matter to them as they made

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Adecision. You can sometimes use these stories as the basis for case studies or featured project pages for your site. At the very least, you will uncover phrases. Words and concepts that can become integral parts of. Your website content and marketing efforts. Example of sourcing content from current. Customers A few Brazil Phone Number List years back. I was working on a branding campaign for a furniture company. Their core business was selling through furniture stores; they saw an opportunity to increase sales by working with high-end interior designers. As we worked on drafting content for their website and marketing material, our team booked calls with a handful of interior designers with whom they currently worked. These phone calls were a wealth of information and insights into these interior designers’ pain points, goals and dreams.

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