Which means that a person in this state

Which means that our self and find some ways to control yourself, says Eldar Osipov. At the same time, he believthat sadness was good for a person. She keeps her feet on the ground and gives him a chance to find new strength to change his life. The experience of grief makes it possible to accept a negative experience and find ways to cope with it, psychologists believe. But if the sadness lingers and cannot be shaken off, then it is depression. Here are some tips on how to deal with depression on your own. Take Positive Action To do this, you can follow the advice of author Leo Tolstoy.  

Write down your thoughts

He himself felt melancholy while in Moscow. on how to get rid of it. exercise. Tolstoy was an active sportsman Phone Number Database both at home and in the streets. Today you can go to the gym, do yoga at home or go for a run in the park. By the way, for the writer himself, walking is his favorite sport. Learn a new business. The writer made boots that he later walk in. Modern people can take courses in sewing, furniture assembly or photography.. This advice is more suitable for creative people. From ideas written down on paper, ideas for literary works or new creative projects can be born. Do something important to society.

The census and conducted surveys

For example, Tolstoy decid to organize a census to find out how many poor people there were in Moscow. He became one of the leaders of around the 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers apartment for several days. Now you can do volunteer work, help animals, and collect trash. Allow yourself to be depress If the sadness you feel doesn’t interfere with your daily activities, lead a normal life, and doesn’t seem dangerous (such as going to the doctor), then there’s nothing you can do about the situation.

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