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Result The new banner help increase the conversion rate for subscription purchases by % in absolute terms. Case : How to track metrics without the participation of analysts A year and a half ago in “Take Charge!” There were no analysts yet. Product managers themselves built simple charts and dashboards, but due to higher priority tasks they could not keep track of all the metrics. Problem Analysts appear in the company, and the task of constructing charts pass to them. However, cases arose when the product want to independently check the progress of a test or pilot.

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It was necessary to ask analysts to Albania WhatsApp Number List provide data, and this took a long time. Task Spe ​​up and customize the process so that products can independently build and view reports. Solution We creat a dashboard in Amplitude for product managers. Before launch, the analyst and product manager determine what and how they will look at the dashboard. Analysts build it in Amplitude, taking into account the corner cases, and give the link to the product manager. The product manager can check if everything is in order from his phone or computer at any time. If not, he comes to analysts to find a solution to the problem. results Ruc the time to obtain data; We set up a double check of metrics in cases where product managers or analysts did not notice the problem.

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Case  How to conduct health-checking Belgium Phone Number applications Health-checking is monitoring the performance of a service. A year ago in “Take Charge!” there was no systematic tracking of key metrics. There was simply an understanding that conversions into registration and rental were important for the product, but no one systematically track or separat these conversions. Problem The service’s audience grew rapidly, and any problems and bugs greatly increas the loss of potential revenue. Task Ruce the time it takes to detect problems in a product and set up notifications about them.

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