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Finetuning for each establishment; important categories of dishes (for example, not Nuggets pieces, but chicken for appetizer). Thanks to data obtain from Amplitude, the crossselling functionality, customizable using Amplitude and controll inhouse. Its main advantage is the ability to create a selection of products for each segment. I receiv an additional advertising tool that you can use to earn money.Amplitude’s Segmentation report showing purchasing trends for specific food categories.

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The orange line shows that one of the fast Denmark WhatsApp Number List food categories has been falling rapidly since December, while meat, on the contrary, has been growing.As soon as we learn about the new service, we were one of the first to decide to expand our expertise to offer more quotas and more efficient work with raw data. As a result, the client will be able to visualize more complex metrics and spend fewer resources.Demand is in short supply SEPTEMBER , ARTICLES AND CASES The Association of Managers and the digital agency Adventum analyz the search queries of Russians in the real estate sector The Association of Managers and the fullservice digital agency Adventum present a joint study of the real estate market for the nd quarter of.

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It is devot to the analysis of advertising Spain Phone Number activity. In the industry and search demand for residential real estate. You can get the research results by filling out the form at the link. In terms of advertising spending in traditional mia (mia, radio, TV and outdoor advertising), the real estate industry rank eighth among key industries. The amount of expenses, according to MiaScope Adex, amount to . billion rubles ( . share). At the same time, compar to the first quarter of , there was a decrease in advertising budgets by. At the beginning of the year, the industry spent . billion rubles on advertising.

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