World Recycling Day: recycle glass

One more year, as you most regular readers already know, we celebrate World Recycling Day on May 17! And this time we want to show you the ins and outs of recycling, so that you know first-hand what happens to the glass bottles that you put in the green container and the well-known meteorologist Tomás Molina is going to help us with this. Take a look here at Tomás Molina at the El Prat de glass treatment plant: In this post you can read: Recycle glass containers: What is the glass recycling process like? Do you want to talk about perfect recycling? I present to you glass What benefits does obtain by recycling glass? What are the benefits of glass recycling? Do you want to know Recycle glass containers: Glass recycling is an important and effective practice to reduce the amount of waste in landfills and promote environmental sustainability.

Do you want to talk about perfect recycling? I present to you glass recycling!

In our plants we have some losses. Waste is small amounts of glass that we lose in the industrial process due to the friction of machines, for example. We deliver the small losses that do not have the necessary quality to be Calcín to be used as components in cements or other products. We can’t waste anything. We also send plastics and metals that arrived at the plants by mistake to be recycled. glass-recycling-plant-work When the waste becomes calcin we already have a valuable raw material on our hands. Glass factories use it instead of raw materials from nature to make new containers. It is important that recycled material is used to manufacture new products, so we avoid having to extract natural resources. Through our initiatives in favor of glass recycling we carry out two very important tasks; The first is to raise awareness among the population about. .

Do you want to know more about our initiatives in favor of glass recycling?

Get to know our campaigns: See here the campaign we do against breast cancer, every year we collaborate with the Sandra Ibarra Foundation to raise funds for women victims of breast cancer and research into this disease. “Recycle Glass for Them” has already had eight editions, and we hope to add more. Another campaign that we have been carrying out for a few years is “Recycle Glass and Pedal”, where we participated in the Vuelta Ciclista España, promoting glass recycling and collecting all types of waste in natural environments in different parts of the country. In order to make events more sustainable, we join the organizers of the Davis Cup. A large-scale sporting event in which we ensure not only that glass is recycled, but also that non-biodegradable products are not used, that public transportation is used, that paper use is controlled, and that sustainable measures are used.

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