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The because it didnt work once analyze the results look for potential causes of problems and test. If you are a president I hope that this text has made you aware of the mistakes you should avoid when managing your companys marketing. And if you are a marketer I believe that this text will provide you with several arguments in future conversations with the management. If you feel that your companys marketing requires support please contact us. Did you like this post You want more Sign up for the Casbeg Knowledge Sharing newsletter. In addition to the latest articles you will also find materials not available anywhere else. Your name Your business email address Sign up We all want to end up in a place where our company is large enough and has such strong international trade competencies that we do business everywhere from New Zealand to California. But at the beginning of the road to conquer the world you have to choose the first country. This post is a synthesis of the standard process I go through with clients in this situation. We start with a list of all countries in the world which we will systematically narrow down. Start your expansion in a country that is richer than Poland At the beginning we screen out all countries that have a GDP per capita lower than Poland. Our guiding principle is that we want to go abroad to trade with partners who are richer than those who trade with us in Poland. By doing so we will also appear attractively priced. This is a huge narrowing and will cause us to reject for example the idea of expansion to China Russia or India which are large markets. It is also quite likely that for your particular case it is worth leaving on the list all countries that have over million people and high levels of inequality. Sometimes expanding to a

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