A comprehensive assistance tool for the educational field that multiplies productivity by 5

Comprehensive Assistance for teachers and students. Current challenges in education Teachers and students face challenges such as workload, personalization of learning or the learning curve of artificial intelligence tools. MARIAChat emerges as a simple solution that saves time and effort for teachers and provides individualized support to students In fact, for teachers it is a very useful tool since it allows them to save a lot of time in preparing content, allowing them to dedicate more time to what is truly important, the student. And MARIAChat makes it easy to create exercises, multiple choice questions or learning situations, among others. For students , she becomes a personal tutor available 24 hours a day , who helps them understand the content of the documents provided by teachers, explaining concepts, creating summaries, generating review questions or resolving doubts.

Access and facilitation in learning

MARIAChat is available on the platform, which can be access directly from the main virtual campuses such as Moodle . Black Board thanks to software develop by the company. In this way, both teachers and students also have access to  B2B Email List  other available tools such as the creation of images. The transcription of audios into text in 57 languages ​​or the creation of different types of texts using “templates”. The latter being another of the differentiating elements of redaction.me, since they have develop specific “templates” for specific use cases in the educational sector, thus eliminating the existing friction when communicating efficiently with. AI and thus managing to obtain more precise answers. Likewise, assistants like MARIA integrate into a company by analyzing and creating content from their own documentation, and all this while guaranteeing their privacy thanks to the fact that .

Validation and next steps

According to a study by the Walton Family Foundation and Impact Research, 84% of teachers in the United States consider the impact of AI on teaching positive, which is why redaction.me wants to help integrate this technology into the day-to-day life of schools. educational institutions. MARIAChat’s value  1000 Mobile Phone Numbers proposition is already validated, not only with the students and professors of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Salamanca, but also with the more than 5,000 users who are registered on redaction.me. Therefore, the company is establishing contacts with universities, business schools and training centers so that they can offer this technology to their teachers and students.

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